it was really exciting although the fee was quite expensive.but the memories will be always stick in my head ,experienced together wit all jpa's students apart the activities were really challenging.

1st day
-all of us have been transported to the resort by trackS and at first all of us could not believe it that we would go there by using small track like illegal refugees who wanna go inside the country.

after a few minutes travelling by track,we gathered at the main dinner hall,enjoying goreng pisang and karipap.even though,it's not delicious as i can get in kelantan, but i really appreciate it because we haven't eat those kind of kueh for a such a long time since we enrolled into kbu.
yummy..iap menambah lagi plak..kesian,laPAR sangat ea..

model pinggan

see!! anee and y are too desperate.they used plate as a fan becoz it's too hot..

-later during the first programme ,all of us have been sorted into
the group and we have to find our members by humming the songs like stay the same, gong xi fa cai,survivor ,twinkle twinkle and so on..n i was in happy birthday group and fairuz was the first person i found.

at that was really pasar!!

hepi bufdei group members

my group membe




fid la
n memyself as well

actually there was not a lot of activities organized at that day.only for a blind nite game in that night..miss chan was really excited and she told us that we have to proceed the game, though it was raining.. oh my god..believe it or not...ramai kot yang shivering coz it was too cold. tapi bile lagi nak rase sume ni kan..

pergh..poyo siot!

tok tok tok bujang lapok..

eh that's me...

every one was really enjoying the game eventhough it was raining at that night

-despite being cold that night,we would not miss the chance to swim in thepool.yahooo!!!..terjun!everyday u juz take ur bath in d toilet but today lecturers let u have fun swimming like dugong .hahaha memang best.. y and i swam until midnite kot..huhuhu.

2nd day

6.45-7.30 am

jungle trekking

flying fox
hanging bridge

1300 pm



1500 pm

English in camp

REGU-guessing the words

1600 pm
knowing Australia(speech from ex senior)

1800 pm


0000 am
sleep mode..

3rd day..
blik..but before tue ade xplorace..
the best part among the other activities..

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