mak oi byk siot Assignment..
siot bler nak blajer,nak wat hmwrk...oo kurus ak gnie nak siapkan sume

status:Busy ^10

assignment for this becoming April:

Applicable math (summary)
Calculus (research+summary)
Physic (written assignment)
German (public speaking)

English (speaking about Australian culture)

huh..macam mana mau buat ni......
ina still lepak gak +mogok coz byk sgt hwrk...hoho

ina is seeking for the solution
after whole wekdays ,we were busying with our study,we went to ONE utama to watch movie miss ue all frens...after 2 weks we did our own businesses.. and i refused to not talk wit them becoz had some misunderstood among of us.hopefully ,this is the last one coz i really can't survive without frens..

i did not talk n even laugh for about 2 weks..omg...some of our classmates noticed it but none of them dare to ask about it..huhuhu..until one day before going to chemistry class , i sent nabil an e-mail n we replying each other to settle the prob..

i did not expect that nabil will be too garang n when at the chemistry lab at that day,i did not do the experiment at all.just sit down n labelling test tube jer kot because 4 of us are in the same terasa malu malu kucing kot nak cakap..kwei kwei kwei..
but thanx to them coz they have tried to persuade me n talk wit me, so, i planned to berbaik baik again with them
after class i knocked ekin's room but ekin still not came from the lab.n yang part maluyer,,time ketuk bilik ekin,nabil came from A3 and he saw me infront of ekin's room... nak cover nabil konon2 tyer nak g tgk movie ker x, n ak plak tersenyum cam kerang busok coz dah malu sgt kot kater x nak...

as usual,rumitha lar oram yng selalu ak cari..
i looked for rumitha n later we did tupperware..later everything back to normal..lucu btul..kekadang bler pikir cam budak2 plak..eee kalah upin ipin..malam tu ak,ekin, rumitha,fqah n matil masak tom yam n we had a dinner together in my room..

then rumitha ajak ak skali lagi g tgk movie ..coz ader free tickets...HUdson ,one of our classmates gave to her...n we chose to watch geng upin n ipin..kan bagus kalu macam ni..berbaik2..ina..ina..
btul la..frens mmg senang dicari tapi bestfrens mmg susah

luv ue all~~~
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Sharp 8.30 imran menjerit "light off" n kitoram(ak,imran,matilda,rumitha ekin) bersemangat kot celebrate EARTH HOUR... Kitorm sume lighted off our room n pegi tgk scenery KL from ASTRO ROOM n LOBBY sambil shouting suruh public tutup lampu..kononnye ader oram nak dgr la kot earth hour has began..
but unfortunately,not many houses at that night were lighted off....hAmpeh tol dioram..

kl view from centrepoint

only some houses switched off the light

malam yg masih cerah..

then.kitoram pegi la lepak kat centrepoint coz dah x taw nak wat per dlm bilik..mula2 nak gak kot tdo,tapi cam ntah paper jer,celebrate something tapi p tdo..sampai la rumitha kater,ina jom p STARBUCKS ader off one hour malam ni..
aper agk..ak on jer after everyone agreed..

imran yg sedang tekun menghirup

hehehe..for the first time ak g STARTBUCKS n kitoram ordered Iced Caramel Macchiato and Java Chip Frappuccino Blended Coffee ....sehr lecker kot!!the most important thing ,we can share all happiness together with our frens..n.that's make the moment become more meaningful.hahaha..
imran seperti biaser sempat menunjukkan talent dier ngan taking pic smbil sambil lepak..n at last before went to the room,we went to uFO a.k.a DFO outlet for shopping some blouses n pants.sampai jer kat room,aper agk light please~~

one now one starbucks!!!
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atleast ak raser relief skit ari ni after i told u my prob
really fed up right when thinkin the prob
people donno wat we feel.
bler tgk outside,we smile to them n they think we r hepi,feel gud..
ohhh damn but actually we suffer a lot inside ....

satu jer nak tenangkan jiwa..
baca alquran
ko semayang la n bgtaw ap masalh ko..
sure ko raser tenang
or ko nangis la puas2 maser mengaji n sembayang..
ak raser sure koram feel better lepas tue....
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