hAhA tomorow after having a bad day wt bike,i went to KL coz i decided to but new hp..after a year .i have planned to buy a new one coz my hp has been snatched by someone when i was doing part-time job as a operator.i bought NOKIA6300 and haven't reached one month it lost..i was really grief at that time coz i managed to but it by using my salary.i worked so hard after i finished my spm but all are waste..
we went there by public transport and KL as usual is very crowded with people and traffic jam.first,we went to LOW YAT started surveyingprice for the hp that i's really hard to buy hp coz we cannot simply simply choose and buy.we have to examine it carefully to make sure that it is not a second hand one.and last i found a SONY ERICSSON K50i and bought it about RM500+..waawawawa..i was so excited and started using it and left the old one in my bag.ahaaak like kacang lupakan kulit plak aku ni..
then i bought coolerpad for me and matil coz she was investing her money in a rm300+ hard disk at another shop.later,we went to SUNGEI WANG on walk to buy some outfits.however,none of us was attracted to buy.before going back i saw matil was bought a bluetooth usb adapter and i wanted to have one and i bought it together with my cute apple speaker..hahahaha..lagi cute drp pak cik punyer speaker..
on a way to kelana jaya,were really rushing coz LRT was arrived as we just bought the tickets,and we had took a wrong LRT.alll of us were so PELIK?why this LRT was going to KL again?hahaha,n then we went out when it arrived at RAJA CHULAN and took another LRT. carelesss...there's another pron when we were in KL CENTRAL..tak abis2 ngan prob minah2 ni.. rumitha n i were asked to but the tickets n ekin n matil were going to the toilet.i que
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on 16/Jan was a bad day for ekin n I.xctually during the break time b4 the evening class,
(Chem class) ekin n I had planned to go to TESCO because ekin really wanna buy TESCO JAM..ahaks n I found that was a gud idea coz i can buy my toiletriss as my allowance had been banked in at that time.So,it was time to joli2...Yahoo!!n we planned to go there by AZIZI's bike. ..YAMAHA LAGENDA yg menjadi factor kepada dz story..

the story began after we finished our class at 4 something ,then we went to tesco..There's no problem when we r on d way to TESCO .we just took 10 minutes to arrive at TESCO but when i parked the bike at car park load,i felt something bad will happen.coz there's 2 guys were starring at us since we arrived there.hrmm really strange..then i tried to lock that bike,but can', i just went inside the TESCO.but still feeling uneasy. i worried if something will happen to that bike..hohoho no money to buy new bike if azizi's bike lost.

.ekin just took the basket to start shoppping but i asked her to accompony me to the car load....then i tried again to lock the bike again n fortunately ekin managed to do it.! but that 2 guys were still there n kept looking us wanna eat us..hoho wateva!!just wanna shopping...that day both of us spent around 100 for each..even thought we joli a lot of money that time,we got many things at lower price..huhuhuhu but still can't compete wit MYDIN..hahaha

n happiness is not always continously..coz we had a bad day after that..Azizi's helmet had been snatched..mampos la..n sure Azizi will keep nagging if he know dz..Don't tell him kept.i was so panic n donno wat to do...we can't back without helmet n at that time i not brought my license too. i left it at home . c? berani gler..dah r my both my parents worked as police..n their daughter were riding bike illegally...mujur satu jer yg hilang..kira ak pakai n ekin hidden behind me..
ak dah kate :ekin kalu ader roadblock kat depan tue ,ak tinggalkan ko kat tepi n amik ko kemudian or ko blik naik taxi..

tp apabila keberanian mencapai tahap maximum,caw gak cam 2..without wearing helmet..dah r nak blik tu lain plak citer..SESATTTT ...tu yg tak tahan tu..3x kali beb dok pusing TESCO...mula2 terlepas flyover,then bler nak U-TURN,ak tersilap amik way plak..last skali bler dh sampai kat ONE UTAMA,ak turn left plak..n helo once again at TESCO..gler kat 1 jam gak dok makan angin ngan ekin atas motor..Ekin smpai lapar n makan roti yang ak beli 2 ,,kesian..mujur x starving..

raser nak nangis er time tu..dah r pecut 100KM/hbapak!!!x ingt dunia tol..but nx time we promise ,we'll just take a cab if we want go to TESCO..ak rasernye ekin pon dah nightmare naik motor ngan ak..hahahaha

helmet Azizi ak ganti gne helmet cousin ak..mujur ader dier..kalu x melayang lagi duit ak..
yg x tahan si Azizi g kepoh satu hostel yg ak g tesco sampai hilang helmet..pesal pe la ramai gle malang tol bler naik moto ko..

these are the list of victims who involved in accidents when riding Azizi's bike:

2.collela & alfred again
3kamarul n makaroni
4ieyna n ekin(the latest one)

to Azizi..pegi smayang buang bala la kat motor ko..hahhaha..btw,,,thanx 4 borrowing ur bike.
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niorson a way to KLIA which took almost 1hour from our hostel,we went to MYDIN at subang jaya after sending Nabil's father back home.we went there for a while to joli our money for some stationaries like pocket files, testpad and also ball pens n blaaaa .(sehr sehr billig...mydin-maner x murah kan??)

sempat agk bermanja ngan doraemon after shopping di MYDIN

nak gak posing ngan doraemon..camkanak2 ribena

after shopping n cuci2 mata,we stopped for a short break at R&R in Dengkil and had our dinner together but that night ekin and rumitha didn't eat aything(Diet--- jgn badan la 2).. i just ordered 'nasi ayam ', Nabil with his 'mee kari' and matilda took 'soto' for dinner. Sehr lecker!!(padahal memg dah lapar pon -tu pasal tibai jer)and then,during the journey ,we listened to songs from Nabil's andere sprache makarena,kabhi kushi kabhi gham, korean ,french n also german songs..nyanyi sama n ak plak raser nak termuntah..x abs2 ngan mabuk kereta..n dioram like helped me by increasing the temperature of aircond so that i'm not dizzy..waduh touching siot ader fwen cam koram..Tochei2..

jalan2 ..cari makan dulu..

ekin ngan muka 10sen..

.sampai jer terus naik lif and ich hatte eine grosse Ueberrashung ,weil dorthin wir Mr.L getroffen haben.DaS freuen wir sehr..hehehe ye la 2..n then we walked together with him to our senior place .finally nampak pon kelibat kak kesten n d geng..wawawah dioram mmg cun cun btul bler pakai Blazer..ap lagi jumper jer terus took photo n B0B aF KATE mEsRa!!!n d climax.when senior were getting to go, sad story pon bermula la ...nangis la ap lagi..sedih siot la coz dioram mmg gle gle 2 n ak plak slalu lepak n blaje ngan dioram, n tup2 dioram nak g germany dah..oooo confirm,senyap terus hostel..dulu kak kesten n kak fadhilah awaiz kacau ak..ble ak ketawa jer mesti dioram gelak balik kat ak..dioram kater lawak ble dgr ak sebut"LUCU" coz dioram slallu pakai 'LAWAK'..ahh paper la janji meaning nye sama..lucu gak..ader ker mak kak azwa said that ak n ekin ni like pengganti dioram.i meant in term of size body..coz kak kesten n ak almost same height (tiggi lampai whereas kak azwa n ekin plak kecik molek..mmg btul la..YTM students..

kak kesten (d' brown one)was trying to do like me..
but ahakks i'm awaiz cuter than her..

from d left(me,kak:azwa,fadhilah kesten,ekin n nabil)

eip??saper g nak fly ni?kami or seniors??

jangan tinggalkan daku wahai senior...

still taking photo even after crying coz too sad to separate wit seniors

n as usual..lepas jer antar dioram ..ap agk sesi fotography ngan member member. hepi sgt tapi yg paling lucu lagi maser Nabil was panic coz he couldn't remember where had he parked his car..mmg maser tu nervous gler..every level we went n checked,where was Nabil's car but we gave up until we have to call Mr.L yang we met in the lift b4.yang x thn yer..maser Rumitha called,mR.L ketawa kat kitaoram..(mesti die kate,ap la bdak2 ni..kecik2 pon dah nyanyuk x ingt letak kereta kat mner..)at last, we found the car n straight to konvoi together with other our classmates..We went to 'MAMAK RESTORAN ' at Taipan ,located in USJ9/10 n had drinks together..around 12.30pm we went back to Centrepoint but Nabil went back to his home in subang..

these were our xtivities after that...


kekanak yang cute

slim competition (ina won d 1st prize)
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less than hour from now ,i'm going to KLIA with Nabil(our pakcik driver),matil ,ekin n our german seniors who had passed with flying colours in the AUSMAT08 will fly to germany..
waw sedap gle!!mau pegi juga~~~ we had planned this since last year n tonight is their flight at 11pm...i want see them for the last especially Kak kesten montel,kak Azwa(both my Ytm seniors yg Comeyl) ..kak fadhilah too..3 of them were too close to me n theyhad helped me a lot in the study..
like kak kesten i awaiz kacau die n ask for her help becoz she is so good in german..
she was the most outstanding student among the others in german la muka pon macam dah bkan malaysian(so wat with muka??ye gak...)ich wuerde gern sogenauso klug wie sie..
(senior borek junior rintik...)okay la..have to dress up now coz later father's Nabil willl pick up us and we have to send him back b4 taking the car..wait for the nice pic i will take after dz!!

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this yea i have a new class.nomore at level 7..tatatta b701..and our german new class right now at level 3 B311 dkat ngan cafe..bleh r lepak2 kat saner..kalu x jumpa ak dlm class tu ,ad la 2 somewhere in cafe..ckp pasal cafe ader dah case pasal cafe....
we got new classmates this yea with 3 new students(2 chinese boys and 1 chinese girl) hahahaha we seem not be too close yet coz we don't know each other yet in details..
that gurl has name quite sme to me..hoho Adlina and Arlina..
maner lagi sedap?????mesti la adlina lagi kan??
hahaha. Taw dah!! this yea ,suma skali 22 students in d class after Anas dropped from the course since last yea....1st time blajer calculus n app math raser cam br f4 la around a year dah x blajer math..t..tup2 this yea plak continue study!!fUh mujur bleh catch up r gak.dah r tdk 1st day lesson dah lambat masuk class App math..
Ikut wei Xin sgt g cafe ..ap agk~~isi perut la..hehhe..x pasal2 kna dok luar ..x pe sekejap jer!!!!
dah2 ak nak sambung bwat math plak...nanti sambung blik cter pasal dlm class.!!
ari ni miza plak blik,,(cousin ak yang same2 ngan ak duduk atas lantai bus maser nak g college).dier blik kelantan ikut ak ..sajer la konon nyer padahal merajuk ngan umi dier(my auntie)..pape la lagi bdak ..immatured btul..
punyer la lame borak2 ngan dier tadik kat Mc'D ..ak la mengidam nak makan prosperity burger..
then, we makan+chit chatted +bc ROALD DAHL(da
h abis pon..lEga!!)...kitaoram pon pegi la masuk bilik coz rupenye nak dkat 4 jam kitaoram dok kat Mc'D.then,aper agk cepat2 masuk blik n pack in miza's stuffs coz later on umi dier nak amik....hehehehe umi dier kasi kain sembahyang n tudung kat la ..saper x hepi bler kasi present..
hehehe..ak kalu bab2 ni memg suke..

pink in colour lagi tue.mmg cun biler tuan empunye yg memakainye

lovely samsson -one of the stories that involved in our conversation..hua3 daniel henney my hero

masuk jer bilik br bleh start wat omwrk coz ader jer miza tak abis2 ngan korea dier tu.
mmg hantu korea btul minah tue..tgk award korea n ranking for artis korea....past tu comment knaper dier tu,knaper die ni,,eeeee ..bleh kater sume artis korea,cina,hongkong n jepun dier tv ngan dier mesti bising..sume oram dier knal..skunk ni senyap dah la..ntah la rumitha kater nak dtg kejap2 lagi..dier pon tak siap agk omwrk..
ap la kter,so?kna enjoy la..ap omwrk2 plak..
matilda plak semayang every Sunday..dier mmg rajin pon..ok la nak sambung wat omwrk plak..

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HOLISAmmg malu siot this was embarassed me..i couldn't believe it that all this can happen to ' will stick on my mind until the end of my life...really unforgettable memory,,

dah r nak kna blik ke college , ngan malasnye coz homewrk mmg habuk x finish agk..plak plus banjir plak kat kelantan..memg terrible gler..abs rumah2 kat saner berenang dlm air..macam pesta air la gak.,kna plak naik kat bus station kat daerah lain..jauh r plak, i decided to wake up early in the morning so that i could arrive before 9.30 coz my bus was around at 10 somtin.. by 5 lagi kot ak dah woke up and packed all my stuff into my bag. ..punyer la semangat.,.ayam pon tdo lagi time tue..

then after breakfast,kitoram pon (adik:aja ,teah,ayeez,cousin n mak n abah )started our journey to 9 dah sampai..n tuggu punyer la lame about 3 hours bus tak sampai2 lagi..
cuak pon cuak gak takut miss bus..

rupernyer mmg betul la ak dah kena tinggal..hohohooo seram!dah r esok tuh ader kelas..ak punyer kelam kabutt dibuatnyer.....panic..panic..mmg panic..
mak dah start membebel abah relax jer..

ak dah kasi gtaw ekin kalu sampai kat machang nanti bgtaw tp yg jadi mslh plak dier tak kenal bus station bler ak called dier ,dier kater kat school hamzah,machang ...kira dkat la tue..ak pon ngan excited x sabar nak naik bus ,nye la letih siot tuggu bus..tup2 nak 30minutes dah ak tuggu x gak sampai2

plik +konfius+puzzled=K.o tak taw dah maner la bus tu..ak pon tanyer la kaunter n kater bus tu dah jalan lama dah..maser tu gong dah tak taw nak wat per..
rupenyer bus tu dah terlepas sampai kat kuala krai..maner tidaknye..adik ak bgtaw dah ad bus la kak ina pg kl,putrajaya n puchong perdana ,ak pon pg tgok tp bus tue num 152,ak punyer 122 ..tu pasal bwat biaser2 jer..

tuggu punyer tuggu ,ekin antar mesg kater ader signboard kater "SELAMAT DATANG KE KUALA KRAI" bengang la ak maser tu..ak pon call ekin kater mintak tolong driver tu tunngu jap coz mak nak antar +kejar bus yg siot nyer tak pasal2 kna marah.plak salah kan ak coz x dgr announcement..
nak dgr camner time tue hujan lebat gle mmg habuk x dgr langsung..
mak la persan kater lama nyer tuggu bus ni nak dkat half-day tunngu tp x dtg2 lagi..
driver tu kater awak naik "tumpang" bus 822...maser tue mujur sempat coz bus tu dah nak p dah
n 4 ur infrmtion tu la bus terakhir nak g kl ari tue..

kalu ak tak sempat ,alamatnyer ponteng x g kelas la..ak pon merayu punyer merayu kat driver bus 822 tu.kate kat die"pak cik tolong la saya ader kelas esok,..' ape lagi cair la dier..dier kater kalu penuh awak kna berdiri la..ak pon x kisah ap agik ok la janji bleh blik ari2 gak..ko gler nak bli 4 the 2nd time tiket?kalu rm1 ker rm2 tak per x nak dkat rm50..ak pon naik r bus tue..mula2 pak cik driver tue kater duduk la dulu atas kerusi tu dulu then,kalu the true owner dtg ak kna duduk kat tempat lain r..

mula2 raser lega lagi.. ye la coz yg btul2 malu tu tak kna agik..
bler sume penumpang dah naik,ak pon kena la duduk kat lantai bus,,,maser tu Tuhan jer tahu betapa malunyer,,,,,malu!!!!!ak duduk kat blakang skali ngan cousin ak..
mujur gak dier ad..kalu x ak soram2 jer berperasaan malu time tue..

yang tak tahan nyer ader la soram laki ni,dier ni anak kpd PIBG skol lamer dulu ..adik dier kawan adik ak,mujur la dik dier tak dtg,kalu tak mesti abg dier kenal ak..
cousin ak duduk kat lantai tannga sebelah seat laki ni..ak plak dududk dpan cousin ak..tu la jadi malu lagi.dah r ak knal dier tp dier tak knal ak..n dier plak cam la muka ak coz maser tunngu bus tu dier tuggu kat meja sebelah family ak..lagi la malu!!!!!!!!malu!!!!
koram bayangla 8 jam dlm bus ,duduk atas lantai bus kat blakng sampai punngung pon panas gler.,.,.ngan ak plak mabuk bus tahan tak makan takut muntah..tak sanggup dah ak nak tanggung malbile dah sampai kat putra tue,thanx byk2 kat pakcik driver tue.kalu dier tak kasi sure ak duduk umah agk ari ni..
lawak gler..memeg ak tak kan luper sampai bler2...never will stick in my mind n this moment will remain clearly in my mind...
p/s"trauma ak nak naik bus lain kali.

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